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Geliştirici: Wim Lambrechts

Allows an email to be prepared based on a template (second page in the app), containing the current location, speed, distance to the home location (if applicable) and a single picture (taken within the app or selected from the device).

This template (subject & body) can contain specific tags to be replaced by:
- links to map sites (Google, Bing, Openstreet)
- longitude and latitude of the current location
- speed & distance (in kilometres or miles)
- text to be included in the mail body when a picture was attached or not attached
- text to be included in the mail body when the current location was available or not

The picture (added as an attachment) can be reduced in quality (and thus size) as to fit comfortably in an email (options: minimum, low, normal, high, maximum). This is done in the first page of the app.

It uses the default mail app to send the email. Note: an email account must be set up in advance.